It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I’d share with you a couple of snaps from a relatively new cafe, where Holly and I had breakfast yesterday.20130621-060146.jpg The Brewhouse opened last summer and up until now, every time I have attempted to meet friends there it has been packed.20130621-060413.jpg This is Holly’s “You’re half an hour late” face, which I totally deserved. Holly doesn’t usually dress like a hipster. I guess she dressed for the occasion. 20130621-060740.jpg The decor was very hip. This was part of a long mural that ran the length of the cafe.20130621-060925.jpg We had great seats at the end of one of the long communal tables, right in front of a huge plate glass window. Something tells me Holly picked the seat with me in mind. While my happy snaps don’t bother her in the least, she goes to great length to make sure the ones I do get of her, are of a high quality. Oh right – the above photo is of the vase in the middle of our table and the ‘chandelier’.20130621-061648.jpg Hipster tableware. Just Kidding. I love the orange tea cup and saucer but it’s just one of those things I’d never have in my house. 20130621-062017.jpg Breakfast was AMAZING! Nothing like baked eggs, chorizo, tomato, beans and mozzarella for breakfast and I say that as a person who does not usually enjoy cooked breakfasts.20130621-062408.jpg Even the register was cool. I really want that yellow light fitting but in my heart of hearts I know none of my rooms are big enough to accommodate it. Guess I shall just have to go visit and admire it from time to time.