The Marriage Registry office from our hotel window:20121222-175941.jpgI don’t know for sure what I will be doing this time tomorrow but I do know I will be a married woman. The concept blows my mind. I’ll wake up as a Miss and go to sleep tomorrow night as a Mrs. Just like that, a day like any other, where the world continues to revolve and people continue on their path, just another day older. I wonder as I write this how many life altering milestones are going on in the world right now and I can’t help but feel a resounding joy for them all. I really hope they are all as happy as I am right now.

I think I have mentioned this before but I have never really been in this circus to be a bride. I have found it stressful and struggle to have people’s full attention on me. I’ve tried to accommodate people the best I can and yet have fallen short and coped abuse for it. I have been guilty of saying “It’s my day and I want…” stopping just short of stomping my feet. We have had more than our fair share of disasters and I have no doubt there will be small fires between now and tomorrow but that’s okay. I’m in this circus to become CJ’s wife. I can’t lie there would have been a time were I would have devolved in to tears if my hair was not perfect or worse still my photos were not amazing because that’s just my nature. I’m a perfectionist. In the last month though I have really come to redefine my understanding of success. In the past it had to be 100% or I wasn’t happy. Actually that reminds me of the first assignment I completed while living with CJ. It was an Anthropology paper. I had poured my heart in soul into this paper and when it came back I had a mark of 94%. Most people would have been really stoked with that but I went back over my paper absorbing every single red mark (there were a lot) and then just burst into tears. CJ looked at me like I had lost my mind. Deep down though I was much more willing to take the red marks as truth and the compliments as padding, as a result my paper wasn’t perfect.

I have been reading a lot of Elise’s blog lately and it has come to my attention that I may have been looking at things from the wrong perspective. Being perfect all the time doesn’t really give you much room to grow and I know for a fact that in my own life it has prevented me from even trying thing at times because I do not wish to be disappointed with the outcome. Of recent times I have come to define a success by two factors: 1. Did I accomplish my goal. It doesn’t need to be perfect or even good for that matter. I just need got there and/or 2. Did I learn something from the situation that I can use in future. So with this principle in mind if I go to sleep tomorrow with a husband. I will be a happy woman. The little stuff can be damed. I will have accomplished my main goal.

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that there would be some changes to the blog. I am sure by now you have all figured out this will have a lot to do with my new beginning. Well you would be right! I have given a lot of thought to the things I would like to accomplish in my first year that follows so here is my list:

Project Life.
What better to document our first year of marriage? Looking forward to channeling my creativity along the way.

27 Books.
In an effort to do more of the things I love I am setting my self to read 27 books this coming year. Why 27, well it’s my favorite number.

27 Worldly Sweet Treats.
I pledge to cook 27 sweet treats, each from a different country.

27 Craft Projects.
Well pretty much the same as above but I will fill you in on this one a little later.

I choose project.
Each month on the 1st I will post my list of goals I wish to tackle for that month. They will fall into 1 of 5 categories: relationships, health, routine, job and creativity. I will fill you in on the progress as I go and then at the end of the month I’ll give a recap.

I sincerely hope there is something here for everyone and I really hope you all continue to enjoy my blog.