It’s only of recent times I have rediscovered podcasts. Once upon a time I would get all my university lectures that way. Nothing like an anthropology lecture during a gym workout to make you think about human evolution. Lucky, my tastes are some what less intellectual these days.

Elise Gets Crafty: Let’s start with the new kid on the block. We all know Elise. She is certainly not new to the crafting world, but her podcast is and let me say it’s phenomenal. Elise is a super mum with crafting and blogging insights that will blow your mind.

The Lively Show: Seriously, her name is Jess Lively. She was born for this role. Jess is one of the most inspiring, upbeat, motivating people I know. She did a fantastic interview with Jessica Murnane and I seriously considered going Vegan for a month. Yes, she is that good.

Scrap Gals: Lord, these two make me laugh. They are as southern, as the day is long and just utterly hysterical to both the listeners and themselves. I love their guilt free approach to scrapping and I am very to call Tracie my friend… if I ever do get round to answering her last email.

After the Jump: I could listen to design podcasters all day and every day. Graphic design, House Design, Stylists you name it. If form meets function, I am there. Grace is what I consider to be the best of the best and if that were not enough, she also interviews the best. I particularly like episode 7 where she interview Sibella Court – our very own Aussie Stylist.

Evernote Blog: Something for the techies. The Evernote boys no longer make the podcast, but their old episodes are still worth listening too. Wouldn’t you like to know how the creator of Evernote uses his “external brain”? These guys will teach you heaps about Evernote and have you laughing all at the same time.

Aimee xx