I’m exhausted and it’s not even noon.
20130614-111655.jpg Today is my Anna’s birthday! She’s still staying with us, so the lucky duck got breakfast in bed. There is 8 years difference between Anna and I. The age difference has given me the great privilege of watching her grow out of the terrible teenage years and into an adult that I have great respect for. Welcome to your twenties Anna Spanner. I’m so glad you don’t have the urge to eat cereal off the carpet with the cat anymore.20130614-115242.jpg Benson (Pa’s husky) and I have also had a trip to school this morning for pet show and tell. Mog thoroughly enjoyed showing off her part-time puppy and I enjoyed laughing at Holly as she attempted to wrangle an over-excited pup in a classroom of over-excited Prep/1/2’s. All in all, everybody (including the dog) was well behaved.20130614-115324.jpg There were some great packages awaiting me when I got home. First and foremost, a package from Kellie over at give a girl blog! I have to say I am absolutely in love with her stamps! Kellie does a really fantastic job of putting together stamp sets that you will use over and over and over again. I am particularly fond of the My Buddy stamp set. Both CJ and I take a ton of photos of our cat, Mica, but until now I have never had stamps to go with them. DO NOW! I also plan to use the doggie stamps when documenting Benson’s trip to school. Seriously, do yourself a favour and go get yourself a set, any set, they are all great! I also received my Pier order from Simon Says Stamp. I know the Pier collection is off-season for us Aussies right now, but it’s just too cute to pass up and I can’t wait to play with the slides and tile letters.

On a technical note, you may have noticed that the site has had a little down-time lately. Well… the reason, my lovely readers, is because my little group of visitors has grown exponentially. This is the first month I have ever exceeded my substantial bandwidth. CJ and I corrected the problem for the moment and we are working on a long term strategy for the increased traffic. I do want to thank you all though.  I love, love, love reading your comments and interacting with you. I want this site to be awesome and to be a place you want to visit every day.