Oh god, where did that come from? I swear it was only yesterday we were in the depths of winter and then BAM!!! Christmas exploded everywhere! Myer put out their decorations a week ago, Christmas puddings are now avaliable in Safeway and Kellie has released her Christmas stamps. I guess there is nothing left to do but make Christmas cards.

Okay, clearly I’m kidding. There is a mountain of things to be done. In our house it all starts with a colour theme. I’d like to say this is a democractic decision, but I’d be lying. 99% of the time, I pick our Chrismas colours. CJ is lobbying for black and white after seeing a black Christmas tree in Big W last year – I think he may have to settle for gold, white and black.

So today I am going to show you how to make THREE super easy cards with Kellie’s stamps (pictured above). I made all three of these cards in under an hour with next to no resources at all. Seriously – I mean three in one hour, not an hour for each. First off – my confetti card:

For this project, you will need the following items:

The process is very simple. Take your white cardstock card and make random gold spot stamps with the eraser on the pencil. It is the perfect size for confetti and it creates an awesome effect. Once I decided on the placement of my spots, I stamped my greeting with black ink, but it was at this point that I thought it was just missing a little something…BLING! So I took out my trusty embossing pen and drew over a few spots before coating in gold glitter embossing powder. You may notice however, there is no heat tool in the picture above. I do have a heat gun, but the toaster works just as well (just hold the card over the toaster) and I don’t have to go faffing about setting it up and making sure its on a heatproof surface. The other great thing about this card is you don’t have to be neat. It looks even prettier with loose gold specks here and there.

The Washi Tree Card.

I can’t take all the credit for this one, I saw something similar on Pintrest. I have more washi than you can possibly imagine and it gives me great joy to use some of them up. For this project you will need:

To begin with I covered a scrap piece of cardstock with gold washi – you can use as many or as few as you like. Once that’s done, just cut out your triangle tree. I don’t really have exact heights and widths for you because I just eyeballed it. Whatever you think will fit your card. I used foam sticker squares to adhere my tree to the card, just to give it a bit more dimention but you don’t have to if you don’t prefer. Then when everything is all lined up – stamp your oh-so-cute greeting. Wallah! All done.

Wreath Card.

This is probably the hardest of the three cards, but by no means is it challenging. It’s actually my favorite too. In the six hours since I made it, I have even contemplated turning it into a digital file and just printing them off for Christmas. For this card you will need:

The first thing I did when gathering materials for this card was to find a cup that was just the right size for the card, but big enough to fit my greeting. Once that was established, I used a greylead to trace around the cup onto my card. I drew leaves and a bow and when I was happy with their placement I went over it with a sharpie. I left it for a minute or two before erasing the greylead for fear of smudging the ink. After that it was just a matter of going around the outer edges of my leaves with a gold foil pen and stamping my greeting – which by the way is just wicked perfect for this card!

It honestly couldn’t be easier.

Now to the giveaway part.  I will be giving away a $10 voucher to Kellie’s store to one of the commenters below. All you have to do is tell me which card is your favorite. It doesn’t even have to be mine. It can be one of Kellie’s, Jodie’s or the lovely Karyn’s. Just follow their links and come back and tell me. I will pick a winner by the end of the weekend. Just incase you don’t win though, It’s not because I don’t love you. Here is just a little something on the side:

I highly recommend you get the Christmas stamp set!