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December 15, 2016

Oh how I love to giveaway prizes.


And the winner of the $30 Altenew voucher here on the Betwixt & Between blog is:


Congratulations Mary, I have emailed you about how to collect your prize.

Aimee Xx


June 24, 2015

Just a little something.


Aimee and Chris are EXPECTING

My Grandfather once told me – “You should never buy a car in December.”. I think he was speaking metaphorically, because at the time buying a car was the furtherest thing on my mind. In fact we were having a discussion about how brutal December was on the wallet. You see many years ago fate decided to play a little trick, when it introduced me to my husband just 2 days before Christmas. Being the romantic type, we were engaged and married on the same date several years later. I did not give it much thought at the time, but in the years that have followed December has been nuts. We celebrate our anniversary on the 23rd, Christmas on the 25th, My Husband’s Birthday on the 30th, New Years Eve on the 31st and then we start the year a new on the 1st of January.

Don’t get me wrong, that week and a half stretch is often my favorite in the whole year, but it takes a hell of a lot of planning to do each event justice. We had not intended to add to December’s chaos, but fate has a mind and sense of humour of it’s own. Our first born child will likely arrive somewhere in the 2 week window that cover the above events. How do I feel? Excited and terrified. Sometimes in equal measure. Sometimes one out ways other. Especially when I think about how bub is going to get “here”.

How is CJ doing? lol, I’d have to say amazingly well. The first 13 weeks have been pretty ruff for me, but he has taken it all in stride and proved himself to be an exceptional husband. He cooks when I can’t even stomach the thought of food. He has started a list of names he likes because he can not stand the thought of an idiotic name (Hashtag anyone?). In fact did you know there is actually a government job in France, dedicated to rejecting stupid names proposed by parents. CJ has decided he would like that job. He loves that I have finally learnt how to sleep past 7am, but not so much that this means he now has to get up and let the chickens out. He was responsible for my first emotional cry when he bought the entire collection of Rockaby’s (Rock songs turned in to lullaby), but laughed his head when I ate ice-cream knowing that I shouldn’t and inevitably had it leave my body of it’s own accord rather quickly.

So far I don’t think it’s what either of us expected, despite the fact that bub was planned. I for one had no idea morning sickness was not in fact restricted to just the morning. I have “enjoyed” it’s company all day long. Also, I currently sleep more than a bear in hibernation. I say this not only as a joke, but because I’m pretty sure the bear has to wake up occasionally to eat. I on the other hand would love to avoid eating where possible. We have both slowed down a lot. Ever since we found out at 5 weeks it’s really been ‘play it by ear’ kind of schedule. I like these kind of days. There is no pressure and we often spend a lot of quality time together.

I miss scrapbooking, but I view the past 6 weeks as a break, not a goodbye. While I was feeling so unwell it was really hard to stand and scrap or devote long hours as I have done in the past. I’m hoping by the second trimester, I’ll feel better. Then when the nesting faze kicks, I hope to catch on all my albums. Lord knows I have enough ideas to sink a ship and I am technically growing a life times worth of scrapbooking inspiration as we speak.

How is bub? I was getting there. Bub is amazing. Due to a few complications we have had a total of 3 scans. Each time our little fighter never ceases to put on a show, be it a super strong heart beat or mooning the sonographer. Bub got near perfect scores on it’s first test and I am pretty sure it wasn’t even trying, but my favourite thing of all, is that scans show long legs like dad. I may live to regret that statement later down the track when they are jammed into the my bladder, but like I said right now we are just living dad to day.

So that’s it. That’s my big news and why I dropped of the face of the earth for 2 months. I am absolutely positive it will all be worth it though. So here to the BIGGEST and BEST December EVER and the to the newest little member of our family.

Aimee Xx


March 10, 2015

Bendigo’s Trove Twilight Market



I really can’t help myself when it comes to a good craft market. I look forward to my twice a year pilgrimage to Finders Keepers with great enthusiasm (as seen here), but in the past I have found my home town markets to be a little underwhelming. That was until Trove. Trove has been operating for a few months, but the timing has never been quite right for me to attend. So on Tuesday, when I saw the poster for a twilight event, I was thrilled to find I already had the night free! Yay!


I was glad to see neon screen printed cushions are still in. I’ve got to be honest, I hope they never go out of style, or at least not until I work up the nerve to buy one (or four). These beautiful examples are from Sadie & May.


Also, how epic is this necklace from Sadie & May? I didn’t buy it, although I really wanted to. I’ve decided to first see if I can find it in a wallpaper. I REALLY love the pattern.


More Sadie & May’s neon cushions, because let’s face it, you really can’t have enough. Also, you may have noticed I spent a lot of time in Sadie & May.


My second favorite stall had to be Little Keeper. What can I say, I’m such a sucker for glitter. I wish I had a better photo to show you, but in the short time I was at the market, Little Keeper was always crowded. Do yourself a favour and check out their jewelry. I love supporting local makers and I’m a fantastic enabler too.


I must admit there were a lot of necklaces to choose from. Saff & Sassi had some really great geometric and floral patterns that I fell madly in love with.


But my heart will always belong to letterpress. I had no idea Little Meg Press even existed until Saturday night. Sam is a graphic designer with a love of paper and it really shows. My hope is to one day write enough nice things about her that she will let me come play with her press. Probably wouldn’t have hurt to run that idea past her before I published this post either. I’m totally joking, Sam. Kinda.


I also met an old friend there too. You might remember Little Puddles from earlier in the year. There is a photo of a Little Puddles star garland and a poise in my spread published in the IKEA Magazine. I am super excited to see that they’ve expanded their range now. How cool would one of those wreaths be on your door for Easter?


Stamped was another super cool stall I came across. I love the texture created when stamping on fabric. It’s so tactile and pretty. Apparently you really can’t stop yourself touching it.


Last but not least, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing illustrator – Chrysa Koukoura. My heart skipped a beat while flipping through her stunning screen prints. I just think it’s an amazing talent to possess.


Well my friends, that pretty much wraps up my Saturday night at the Trove Twilight Market. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this little look into my home town and the many creative peeps who inhabit it, even if it was just for one night.

Aimee xx

October 24, 2014

The Finders Keepers Spring 2014


Let me just start off by saying that I LOVE the Finders Keepers craft market! It happens twice a year in our capital city (Melbourne) and I always go out of my way to keep the weekend clear. I missed the first one this year on account of a death in the family, but by a stroke of luck, last weekend I was free!


I hope you don’t mind, but I went a little snap-happy with my new camera this year. You can see parts one, two and three from 2012 herehere and here. Gosh, how my photography skills have improved! On the matter of photos – where possible, the links for all the shops are attached to the pictures, so if you see something you like, click the picture and it should take you to their store.

Old Melbourne convention center by Aimee Dow

Finders Keepers takes place in the old Melbourne convention center, even though it’s smaller than the current center, I really believe this one has more character.


In previous years, they have only used half of the building, but as the market for handmade and vintage increases, so do the stall holders. There is truly something for all who visit… pet rock anyone?

Druids by Aimee Dow Alright, as cute as they are, $40 seemed a little too much to invest in a relationship that would only go one way. I also had to pass on this stunning collar necklace for the 3rd year running. Sometimes I wonder why I torture myself.

Days of August Necklace

These were much more my price range, but alas, I couldn’t pick a colour.

imageI think if money was no object though, I would have absolutely decked myself in Kate Macindoe’s nature-inspired collection.


Speaking of nature, succulents are still very much “in”, while I did notice a significant drop in neon and screen printing. I can’t decide if this makes me happy or not.


This year more than any other year previous, I took note of the amazing textures and colour combinations all around me.

Alice Nightingale dresses

These dresses and undergarments by Alice Nightingale were particularly stunning.

Me We abstract painted blocks

I love the colour pallets used for many of these Me We abstract painted blocks.


As always, I felt a strong pull towards the stationers. My favorite for years now have to be Sweet William, Poppies for Grace and Bespoke Letterpress.

Bespoke Letterpress tagsMy love of paper did not extend to my sisters. They spent the day smelling every handcrafted candle in sight and, believe me, there were a lot.

Frankie Gusti Candles

I did not subject my poor unfortunate husband to the market this year, which is a little ironic actually because this was the first year there was something there for him – Heirloom vegetable seeds!

The Little Viggie Patch CoAnd that about wraps it up, my friends. If you are an Aussie, I really hope this inspires you to check out your nearest Finders Keepers Market, it visits Sydney and Brisbane twice a year too. If you come from some other part of the world, I would love to hear about craft markets where you come from. Are they all as cool as the FK?

Be seeing you next week! Have a great weekend.

Aimee xx

March 26, 2014

I think I’m getting too old to party


So it’s been a little quiet around here lately, but I swear it was for an excellent reason. Last Saturday we held a Cox family reunion/85th birthday party for my Pa. Aside from designing the invitations, I was also designated a leading role on the “creative” committee. I say creative in inverted commas because when Pa told me – he made it out to be a dirty word. Nevertheless, I was more than happy to oblige. It took nearly a full week of prep to bring it all together, Sunday and Monday to recover and the last few days to kick off the photo editing and work on the guest book (Project Life style of course). Today however, I’m just going to show you some of the creative projects and some of the candid shots I took on the day. We held the day at the Bendigo Pottery reception rooms and garden. The day was sunny and warm. I arrived a little after 10:30am to begin the set up for lunch.

First task was to set up the table centre pieces.

While I was doing the tables my little sister set up the lolly bar – because it’s just not a party without one.

Poor kid must of put the scoops in 3 times before I got this photo. I kept taking them out so i could put the lids on, but every time I went to take a photo I got called away. Every time I came back the scoops were in again.

On a side note, we had special candy made for the event. The company we used is based in Melbourne and can be found here. Minimum order is 6kg but all of it went so that wasn’t really a problem for us.

We also made a name tag station where people could write their own name tag and pin it on. If that photo on the board is familiar, it’s because you saw it in last years Daily December Album, when Pa and I went on a road trip to his childhood home.

Finally, the last thing to do was to set up the cake my mum had ordered.

Time to get the party started!

We served finger food with an open bar. Which promoted the great atmosphere to mingle.

We sung Happy Birthday to Pa.

And served dessert.

Some just preferred repeat trips to the lolly bar.

The afternoon was sent on lawn taking family photos. You’ll see a ton of them when I do the guest book post, but for right now I’ll just show you this one of my Aunt Marleen and Baby Poppy. Poppy is only 6 weeks old and without a doubt getting to hold her was the highlight of my day.

Aimee xx


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