Good Morning! I know I’m not the typical Monday morning cheerleader and there’s a very good chance that all the vim and vigor will be knocked out of me before noon, but right now I am just going to go with it! I had such a fab weekend!

I spent the weekend at Camp.Paper.Scissors in Baccus Marsh. The camp was run by two truly amazing women – Carol and Michelle – and when I say truly amazing, the two of them managed to get video messages from Project Life royalty.  I’m not often star-struck but even I have to admit I got a little excited as Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards and Amy Tangerine delivered their beautiful messages. Here is the shot I took only moments before the big secret was revealed.

From a personal standpoint, I was thrilled to meet Kellie from Give a Girl a Stamp in person. We have talked for so long online and I’m a little bit in awe of her actually. Seeing Kellie PL in real life was one of my biggest highlights.

I got to put a lot of names to faces, I met one of my biggest fans and I discussed up-and-coming ideas for my next big project. I met new people and even helped to convert a few of our fellow scrapbookers. I was a little surprised at how well I went with all this social interaction. I am the type of person who will happily retire to my study for days on end without seeing anyone but hubby. I think it really had to do with the fantastic group of women. There was not a single catty moment and that’s a big achievement in a group of 30 women.

I cannot speak highly enough of the accommodation and the food, but I was particularly taken by the camp’s surroundings. Not only was the scenery picturesque, we also had the pleasure of goats and chickens for company.

Oh and did I mention the goodie bags? So awesome!

And just in case you were wondering, I did get some scrapping done too. I finally started the mini album I had put aside to document our Perth Trip.

Lot’s to share this week. See you tomorrow 🙂