I think the jig is up. I have always said I’m just a Project Lifer. Don’t count on me for anything else – I’m not crafty, I just want to document our story. The thing is though, what does one do with the left over supplies? Why buy a card when you have an abundance of perfectly good material to make one, just sitting on the shelf?20130913-082846.jpg It honestly couldn’t be any easier. All this card took was some pattern paper left over from a Studio Calico kit, white cardstock, a die cut from a Basic Grey waterfall pack, a glue pen, glitter, a stamp, gold ink and some Dear Lizzy Alphas I picked up on sale. All supplies that I already had. It took me less than 10 minutes to make. I’d like to say this is a once off occurrence, but it’s not:
20130913-083513.jpg This one was just scraps of cardstock and odd sheets of paper I had left over from an old Basic Grey 6×6 pad. The hardest part was stapling the squares together before I glued them down.

The way I see it, I’d rather take the 10 bucks I would have spent on cards and buy PL supplies instead. Oh, speaking of supplies, the two Give a Girl a Stamp sets you see in on the cards (Father’s Day and Birthday) are currently sale. The Farther’s day set is just 3 bucks! If you spend over 10 dollars, you can use the discount code: Aimee and get another 15% percent off! Awesome, huh? You will never have to buy another card either!