Our brown, white and red Christmas.
Hard to believe but not so long ago I was a Christmas grinch. Growing up I had some pretty awful Christmases. As a teenager I did all I could to avoid it. I remember when I turned 18 and I was allowed to have Christmas by myself. I lived in a dingy little apartment with tiger carpet. I didn’t have a Christmas tree and there were no presents but it was the best Christmas I’d had at that point in time. I spent the day in my PJ’s, I dragged my mattress to the lounge and blasted the air conditioner while watching old movies. And what of Christmas lunch? I ate an entire tray of brownies by myself. For five more years I avoided Christmas… until I met CJ.

CJ is a Christmas fanatic. My boy really does go all out. His favourite part? He loves to pick the perfect presents. He plans them months in advance. I have to admit his enthusiasm is contagious. Our first Christmas together he did everything in his power to make it amazing and it really was! I get my own stocking and half the presents under the tree are mine! We have also made our own traditions. We now have enough Christmas movies for every night in December but The Nightmare Before Christmas (my favourite) is always on Christmas Eve. Bless his heart, he even lets me pick Christmas colours. This year it’s brown, red and white. The first photo is of Holly’s presents. The second photo is CJ’s present to me. I told you he prepares months in advance and without a word of a lie, he wrapped it himself. So…umm… what do you think is in it? I was allowed to shake it. It’s not very heavy. It’s about the size of a coffee mug. There is paper in it and I’m pretty sure it’s not a Samantha Wills box. I am truly flummoxed. Any ideas?