In the seven short months that I have been doing Project Life, I have been extremely lucky. I have worked very hard, but I can’t deny there has been a degree of luck involved. I am lucky that people recognised talent in me before I did. Christine Cid, Jen Carlson, Carol Fry, Susan Ko, Jodie York and Kellie Winnell just to name a few. I am lucky that the editor of Jot Magazine loved my work enough to give me my first real break and while I know this will make some people cringe – I have never been knocked back from a creative team that I have applied for and in some cases I have been asked outright to join a team. I know this is not the way it works for most, but it has afforded me a certain amount of insight. PL differs from regular scrapbooking on one very distinct point. A page scrapper may produce as many pages as she wishes in a month. I, as a Project Lifer are pretty much limited to four double page spreads. This seriously effects what I can offer a Creative Team. Join too many and there just isn’t enough speads to go around. I thought about this long and hard. In the end I decided I would pick one product team, one publishing team and one digital team to call home and then use what is left for guest slots. The product was a no brainer. I LOVE my stamps and Give a Girl a Stamp is such a fantastic brand. The publishing one kind of fell into my lap. I believe in Life. Paper. Scrapbook. I was already a reader and deep down I feel it has the potential to grow into something great. I do also like the fact that both Give a Girl a Stamp and Life. Paper. Scrapbook. are Australian. The pursuit of my digital creative team was not quiet the same. I have the reputation of being a bit of a chameleon. I can change my style almost at will, but my comfort zone is some where between graphic and clean. I really needed to find a digital company who embodied this style too. And along came One Little Bird. Peppermint, the owner and designer is out of this world. What she doesn’t know about digital spreads isn’t worth knowing. She had a wicked sense of humour and her designs are just me to a T. I know it sounds like I have a lady crush, but it would never work out. I’m a Mac user and she is an android. I guess I shall just have to settle for being the first member of her Project Life creative team! Dude, if you could see behind the curtain… But that’s another post. What I am really here to show you today is my first spread with One Little Bird products. I have been dying to show it to you!
This spread was made almost entirely from the new Identity Collection. It has matching journaling cards too. If you are quick you will get the kit on sale and the journaling cards for free! What isn’t from the kit is the stars and the enamel dots. They are Studio Calico leftovers. 20130727-224835.jpg If that were not enough you can digi scrap till your hearts content too! Here is one I prepared earlier: 20130727-225022.jpg I don’t use navy nearly enough. I love navy. I love how it looks with my brown toned photos. I can’t believe my luck that this was the first project with One Little Bird. I truly did love every single minute it took to create them.