Some of the worlds most beautiful crafts come from some of the smallest and most remote villages.


Yesterday I spent my morning at the Moama markets. I was manning the Campaspe East Timor Association in Friendship (CETAF) stall. It’s a great organisation that I have been involved with for a little over a year now. In the simplest of terms, members of the group travel to East Timor and buy local crafts and handmade wares at the asking price. Then they are brought back to Australia and sold on our market stall. The profits go towards development projects, such as high school and university scholarships. We actually do a lot more than what was just mentioned but that’s the stuff that directly relates to the stall.

I really like working on the stall, not only because its a good cause but because I to get to be hands on with all the amazing products. The detail and the quality of the loomed products are out of this world.