Good Morning! I am so stoked this morning. The rain has stopped, it’s Friday and I have my very first post on the ruby rock-it blog. Wicked happy right now.

So just to fill you in – One of the new features we will be introducing to the Ruby Rock-it blog is something called “5 on the 5th” which (I’m not going to lie) is a lot like Stephanie Bryan’s 12 on the 12th, except for the fact that 1. I struggle to remember to take 12 photos on any given day, so we thought 5 was more manageable and 2. We take it one step further in the way we display them. So without further ado, here is my 5 on the 5th April Edition:

For a better rundown on exactly what happened on this particular Saturday, you can check out the post here.

I’m really happy with the way mine turned out, but I would like to take a minute to talk about the other Essence CT girls. This is the first post for all of us over on the Ruby Rock-it blog and it would mean a lot to me if you would go over and leave them some love too. We are the new team on the block and we are all a little unsure of where we’re headed. If you like what you see, let the girls know. We do really appreciate it.

Mira was the first to finish her 5. Which amuses me greatly because her ‘fifth’ ends nearly 12 hours behind my own. I had taken and edited my photos, but I hadn’t come up with a way to display them. I was sent a copy of Mira’s and an idea hit me like a freight train. What I love most about Mira’s is the way it tells the story of her table. Such an everyday object that she just kept coming back to throughout the day. I also love that she was able to include the title. See Mira’s 5 on the 5th here.

Caylee on the other hand has a layout similar to Mira, but it tells a totally different story. Caylee used all 5 of her photos on breakfast, but you’ll notice it has a very unexpected colour palette. If you’ve been here awhile, you know I’m a colour fanatic. There was just something so amazing about how her rings matched the wall and table. Perfection in every way. See Caylee’s 5 on the 5th here.

Sal, our fearless leader. It’s funny actually, when I was really struggling to bring it all together, I sent her an email asking how I should be presenting my photos. I asked for an example because I thought it best if all the CT had some continuity. Her reply was not one that I had anticipated. Sal told me continuity is great and here is what Mira has done, but I would much rather you do it in your own style. So I did and so did Sal. Sal’s to me, looks like it could be a page from a great photo book. It has depth and layers and great attention has been paid right down to the shadowing and the choice of type. If Sal keeps with the same style at the end of it all, she will have the most beautiful “day in the life” album. You can see Sal’s 5 on the 5th here.

You have already seen mine but you’re welcome to go leave me love over there too.

Aimee xx