Organise My…
Today I am back in Bendigo while Pa has more tests. He went in this morning and will spend the night before (hopefully) coming home tomorrow. That just leaves Benson and I with a day to kill.

Bendigo is the 3rd biggest city in my home state and therefore has superior shopping compared to my little country town. I was born in Bendigo. I went to high school here and many of my friends still reside here, so I am no stranger to the city. Actually I am here a couple of times a month. I thought for today’s post I would show you one of my favorite stores.

Organise My… has been open for around about 4 years now and is located in the trendy Bath Lane. It specializes in organisational supplies and the most elegant stationary. They also stock Kikki-k, O-check and Ask Alice products, but more notably, it is also the only place in Bendigo I have been able to source MT washi tape. I’d love to show you what I bought but alas I can’t, it’s a present.