December 24, 2014

Why I chose not to do December Daily in 2014



I was really on the fence about writing this post. I have never ever wanted to write just for the sake of creating content and I believe the readers can tell. I am also kind of against sharing my opinion like it’s some sort of ‘guide’ to be followed. So this is not one of those posts. This is a post specifically designed to relieve guilt. Some of yours I hope, but mostly mine. Let me start off by saying that I did not do December Daily this year – the pictures you are looking at are last year’s pages. I bowed out this year for several reasons. For starters, I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit while we were waiting for Pa’s heart surgery. Also, with the falling Australian Dollar, the Ali Edwards kit would have set me back $140. Lastly, I didn’t manage to finish last year’s and I didn’t like the thought of going into next year with another unfinished project hanging over my head. In short, the thought of doing December Daily brought me more stress, when what I really needed was more joy. There, I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, I did really enjoy doing it last year. I love the pages I did manage to create (1-17) and it did bring in a WHOLE LOT of followers to my blog and Instagram. I would be a hypocrite to say otherwise. I guess the point I am trying to make is: if you happen to be a week or two behind, don’t let it interfere with your joy. If you want to stop right now, go right ahead. If you choose to forge on and finish it in the first week of January, I really admire you for sticking with it. It’s not a competition. Ali is not at the top of her game because she does the most amazing spreads, she’s there because she is the best at capturing a memory – and believe me, there are many other ways besides December Daily to do that.

Easy to say, hard to do, right? Well let me just share one option with you. In late November, I had a conversation with my Mum while I was still deciding if I would give it another go or not. I mentioned how the unfinished album got under my skin so much that I had put it out in the shed. After a small chuckle at my expense, she suggested something that had never even crossed my mind – a perpetual December album. Each December you add what you like, there is no pressure and there is no such thing as done. Fill one album? Start another! I have thought about doing this with my own unfinished pages. I’ve also thought about being more prepared next year so I can do December Daily with less stress and pressure. I can’t see the future, but I know whichever route I take will be because it brings me joy, not because I desire to be part of the pack, and it is my hope that you will too.

Aimee xx

December 23, 2014

Yes Chickens


I have this friend Emma, she is one of my favorite people in the world. She gets the scrap side of me like no one else I have ever met. I love scrapping with her because she always pushes me to get a ton done, but she will tell you I am not the easiest person to scrap with – Not only do I raid her stash at scrap camp, I have even been known to do it while she is at my house scrapping.  And then there is the matter of desk space. You see, Emma is a “work clean” scrapper. It’s a quality that I really admire, but I on the other hand, rain holy hell down upon my work space until it looks like a scene from Apocalypse Now. Poor Emma lives in fear of her craft mat being annexed by a new regime, and as well she should.

So what is the point of this story? Well, I want to introduce you to a new game I have created. I am a big believer in clearing off your desk at the end of the day, but some days the piles are just so big, I’m not sure where to start. Over the weekend, I was staring at one such pile that contained the left-overs from Love Everyday, the scant remains of my November A Piece of Cake Designs Kit, some off-cuts of woodgrain paper my husband had used for something or other and I thought to myself… I bet I can make a layout out of this. And so the Procrastination Layout Game was born!

Yes Chrickens by Aimee Dow



The rules are pretty simple – you can only use what is on you desk. I will make a small exception for a cardstock base and your tools, but everything else must come from the piles on your desk. My supplies looked something like this: the star paper, the black and white striped paper, the tag, the sequins and the “hello” are all from Heidi Swapp’s September Skies collection. I know this because they are recent inhabitants of my studio by way of the cupcake APOCD kit. The woodgrain is Pebbles Inc, but you are on your own for the thickers, cork circle and heart wood veneer. The wood veneer I found under my lamp so it should probably be carbon-dated. If you are at all like me, I encourage you to give the game a go the next time you feel despair at the state of your desk. It certainly helped lighten my mood, it reduced the pile and it stretched my creativity. Oh and Emma, if you’re reading this, please know – I’ll come make a mess for you ANY TIME you want to play.

Aimee xx

December 22, 2014

APOCD: Love Everyday


Hi! Happy Monday! Who’s ready for this week? Right, who wants to come and get me organised? In typical fashion I have left everything to the last minute again. I would make that my new years resolution, but chances are I wouldn’t get around to it until this time next year. That was a joke. Sorta.

Speaking of being late, I am over on the A Piece of Cake Design blog today with a page I created for November’s cupcake kit. I have to admit I am a little nervous about posting this. It’s my first attempt at anything remotely “Mixed Media”. I learned a few lessons and there are some things I would change if I attempted it again, but you’ll have to check out the full blog post for that. Instead, here are some pretty pictures of the layout and our big fat bed hog who laughs in the face of daylight savings.

Love Everyday by Aimee Dow

Everyday Love by Aimee Dow Detail 4

Love Everyday by Aimee Dow Detail 2

Love Everyday by Aimee Dow Detail 1

Stay tuned for later in the week there WILL be a Project Life post. Until then, go out and make merry or better yet stay in and do it. Family is everything in times like these.

Aimee xx

December 15, 2014

Coffee with a Small Child & a Large Muffin


Hi! Boy, it’s great to be back. To begin with, I thought I may have lost my mind – pulling down the blog for a revamp, in the same month that Pa was due to have heart surgery, but as it turned out – even when I think I might be wrong… I was still right :P I had a really hard time creating during all the turmoil, and little-to-nothing to publish. Now that the storm has cleared though, I’m feeling a renewed enthusiasm for blogging and crafting. Starting with a layout for Studio Calico’s Sunday Sketch Challenge. It should be no surprise that I chose to scrap Mog. That kid is going to have one wicked album when she turns 16.

Coffee with a Small Child and a Large Muffin by Aimee Dow | Betwixt & Between Blog

Not bad for someone who claims to loath Sketches, right? I used Studio Calico’s most recent kits – Park Ave and the Ritz Add On. With a healthy serve of Kelly Purkey Second City stickers and a flair. Here are a few close-ups:

Coffee with a Small Child and a Large muffin by Aimee Dow Sticker Detail

Coffee with a Small Child and a Large Muffins Photo Detail

Coffee with a Small Child and a Large Muffin by Aimee Dow Rip Detail

Well, that’s about all there is to show. If you happen to be reading this via Feedly, be sure to come check out the new site. There are some seriously wicked features, such as: Icons that now denote the post category, a super cool interactive menu, a Pinterest button on all the pictures and a gallery page where you can now see all my work with links to the relevant posts. Oh and it’s snowing. I have absolutely no idea where my blog lives, but it ain’t here in Australia. My web master informs me that the web weather forecast indicates snow right through to Christmas Day… lucky blog. I want a white Christmas.

BIG thanks to my AMAZING husband, who lost a large chunk of his sanity bringing my vision to life.

We would love to know what you think – about the layout or the blog. We’re not fussy.

Aimee xx

November 7, 2014

APOCD: Partners in Crime



How many layouts can you create about your cat before you are considered a crazy cat lady? Five? Ten? I’m guess 20 is really stretching it, right? This is only my second – (The first being Sunshine, Books and Cat), but I feel like this is something I should probably keep in mine for the future. Some days I think we should just hurry up and expand our little family, so I will FINALLY have someone else to photograph… and then I remember how much I like my free time.

Oh speaking of free time I am over on the A Piece of Cake Designs Blog again today. I am hosting Friday Favourites, along with Felicity Wilson who has put together a really spectacular Mini Album. It’s well worth checking out. You can find all the details of my page over there too. I am SO proud of myself! The only thing I used on this layout, that is NOT in the main kit is the black paint.


I hope you all have a really great weekend.

Aimee xx


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