March 10, 2015

Bendigo’s Trove Twilight Market



I really can’t help myself when it comes to a good craft market. I look forward to my twice a year pilgrimage to Finders Keepers with great enthusiasm (as seen here), but in the past I have found my home town markets to be a little underwhelming. That was until Trove. Trove has been operating for a few months, but the timing has never been quite right for me to attend. So on Tuesday, when I saw the poster for a twilight event, I was thrilled to find I already had the night free! Yay!


I was glad to see neon screen printed cushions are still in. I’ve got to be honest, I hope they never go out of style, or at least not until I work up the nerve to buy one (or four). These beautiful examples are from Sadie & May.


Also, how epic is this necklace from Sadie & May? I didn’t buy it, although I really wanted to. I’ve decided to first see if I can find it in a wallpaper. I REALLY love the pattern.


More Sadie & May’s neon cushions, because let’s face it, you really can’t have enough. Also, you may have noticed I spent a lot of time in Sadie & May.


My second favorite stall had to be Little Keeper. What can I say, I’m such a sucker for glitter. I wish I had a better photo to show you, but in the short time I was at the market, Little Keeper was always crowded. Do yourself a favour and check out their jewelry. I love supporting local makers and I’m a fantastic enabler too.


I must admit there were a lot of necklaces to choose from. Saff & Sassi had some really great geometric and floral patterns that I fell madly in love with.


But my heart will always belong to letterpress. I had no idea Little Meg Press even existed until Saturday night. Sam is a graphic designer with a love of paper and it really shows. My hope is to one day write enough nice things about her that she will let me come play with her press. Probably wouldn’t have hurt to run that idea past her before I published this post either. I’m totally joking, Sam. Kinda.


I also met an old friend there too. You might remember Little Puddles from earlier in the year. There is a photo of a Little Puddles star garland and a poise in my spread published in the IKEA Magazine. I am super excited to see that they’ve expanded their range now. How cool would one of those wreaths be on your door for Easter?


Stamped was another super cool stall I came across. I love the texture created when stamping on fabric. It’s so tactile and pretty. Apparently you really can’t stop yourself touching it.


Last but not least, I wanted to introduce you to an amazing illustrator – Chrysa Koukoura. My heart skipped a beat while flipping through her stunning screen prints. I just think it’s an amazing talent to possess.


Well my friends, that pretty much wraps up my Saturday night at the Trove Twilight Market. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this little look into my home town and the many creative peeps who inhabit it, even if it was just for one night.

Aimee xx

March 9, 2015

One Little Bird: My Faves



If you follow me on Instagram you will already know that I have been invited back for a third year on the One Little Bird design team. If not, SURPRISE! I’ve been invited back for a 3rd year.  Lol, sometimes I crack myself up.

This year there are more team members than ever before and I’m so excited to be working with some of my idols, a few close friends that I have not yet had a chance to work with before and a lot of new faces who have so much talent. What can I say? Peppermint has always had impeccable taste.

To make room for everyone there has been a slight reshuffle. I am so honored to be moving to the hybrid blog team. What this means for you, my lovely readers, is that you will be able to catch me once a month over on the One Little Bird Blog, along with super talented hybrid artist’s such as Jen CarlsonAmelia Ng and Donya Gjerdingen. So in honor of my history with the digital team, here are just 10 of my favorite One Little Bird layouts made by me. Collection links are below:

Recently Pinned – Stuck on You Collection

The Sweet Life- Sweetness Elements and Papers.

Free Pass – Positive Spin Collection

Sleepy Head – Crazy for you Elements and Papers.

The End of the Day – Busy Week Collection.

Time Passing – Forever Young Collection.

Nothing beats the smell of fresh cake – Click and Daily Bulletin Collections.

You and Me – Identity Collection.

Mog turns Seven – Daily Bulletin Collection.

Spring is at my door – Equinox Collection.

Love this Life by Aimee Dow

Love this life – The Love List Collection.

Okay, so there might have been 11. I had such a hard time picking only 10 out of 40 plus layouts. I have loved every moment in the One Little Bird Cage and I really look forward to showing you even more innovative creations in the future.

Aimee xx

P.s. If there are any digital or hybrid techniques you want to learn, please feel free to tell me. I am more than happy to help :)

March 2, 2015

Jot Magazine: That Face


Happy March, my scrappy peeps. Can you believe how fast this year is going? February blew by me like a whirlwind. Today, I am here to share with you the one and only layout I managed to get done for the brand new Jot Magazine. I only got a chance to finish one layout, but I am super proud of it. Even though you might be seeing it here first, do go check out the magazine too. It really is 179 pages of amazing scrap inspiration and no doubt you will find some of your other favorite scrappers in there as well. Alright, enough rambling:

That Face by Aimee Dow for Jot Magazine Issue 9

So right about now you are looking at it and thinking – wait… that’s yours? Short answer. Yes! Okay, I know it doesn’t really look like something I would usually make, but if you knew my friend Holly… That’s Holly there in the photo, giving me dirty looks because I was meant to meet her at 9 for coffee and I may have text messaged her to say I was going to be 30 minutes late. I may have also neglected to say I was going to be late because I was writing a blog post, which she may or may not have discovered for herself because she’s an email subscriber to my blog. BUSTED.

Apart from Holly’s master skill at giving disapproving looks, she also has another very notable attribute – she possesses one of the most amazing vintage dress collections you will ever see. Every single sliver of pattern paper in this layout reminds me of her dresses. There’s no getting around it. This layout is Holly through and through.

That Face by Aimee Dow for Jot Magazine Issue 9 Detail 1

The layout itself was designed to go into the hand stitching category of this issue. I am a huge fan of hand stitching on layouts (Exhibit A and Exhibit B), but unlike previous attempts I used my stitching to enhance a pattern and create more texture, rather than as an accent or a title. That Face by Aimee Dow for Jot Magazine Issue 9 Detail 2

I worked really hard to create layers for warmth and instill a vintage vibe in this one. I pulled from four past Basic Grey collections and Crate’s Open Road to find the perfect balance. AND my page has a title! I find title work so hard. I never ever thought I would use these thickers from Studio Calico, but you know what they say – there is a tool for every job.

That Face by Aimee Dow for Jot Magazine Issue 9 Detail 3

*Cough, cough*. And the award for sneaking a swear word in to a published layout goes to… that can just be yours and my little secret.

That Face by Aimee Dow for Jot Magazine Issue 9 Detail 4

I must admit that while I don’t do it very often, it’s very freeing to do a rustic layout. It doesn’t matter if there is ink on your finger tips that smudges on your journaling, it looks as if it was meant to be there. That’s totally not what happened by the way, I MEANT to put it there to match the stamping in the corner of course.


Oh and don’t forget to check out the magazine. Did I mention that it’s free? Or that it’s jam-packed with amazing, inspiring layouts made by amazing, inspiring scrappers? I think I did.

Until next time,

Aimee xx

February 24, 2015

Project Life Week 2 2014


Aimee Dow Week 2 Project Life 2014

Uh…yeah. Still a year behind on Project Life, but I’m really not worried about it. In a way, it’s kind of a relief. Project Life is easy. Easy in the sense that the photos tell me exactly where the spread is headed. With layouts, I have to work to find my inspiration. I think I am going to stick with easy for a while. Block-out time to catch up and recharge my creative batteries. So here is a closer look at Week 2:

Aimee Dow Left Side Week 2 Project Life 2014

And the right side:

Aimee Dow Right Side Week 2 Project Life 2014

First off, let’s start with the most obvious difference to past spreads. This is the first spread in a very long time to be hand written. It was not a design choice, but rather a side effect of my poor memory. I took this layout to Scrap Camp and forgot to take my typewriter. If that were not bad enough, it’s actually the second year in a row I have forgotten it! Lucky I decided to digitally title the layout when editing this week’s photos because I totally forgot to take thickers too.

Aimee Dow Week 2 2014 Title

I was going for something subtle. I wanted it in-tone with the background, but after printing I noticed that there was a sizeable chunk of dead space underneath the title. So I covered it up with washi. It worked great too. It helped highlight the title and added dimension to the photo. Love it when there is a simple fix to printing mistakes. It next-to-never happens though.

Aimee Dow Week 2 2014 Detail 1

This week marks my husband’s 32nd birthday and “the cake” is usually a big thing. We are both fairly proficient bakers and save our favourite recipes up for the special occasion. This year, I made the most amazing ice-cream cake. It took me 10 hours. It had 3 layers of vanilla, chocolate and coffee and ice-cream as well as fillings. I even cut a “32” template out with the silhouette to use on the top of the cake. I can promise you there was always going to be more photos of the cake than my husband for this particular day.  Sorry hubby. I used white rub-on letters on the stay cool card from Studio Calico as an inside joke. You know cause it’s an ice-cream cake.

Aimee Dow Week 2 2014 Detail 2

It’s pretty rare that I do a red spread. There is only one other colour I dislike scrapping with more and that’s purple. When I was pulling colors from the photos though, there was a lot of blue and red in the present and Eden’s dress. I chose green and yellow as the accent colours on account of the sunflower photo. Oh and if you are wondering why it is that the “just say yes” stamp matches the “here, there, everywhere” journaling card, that’s not an accident. After two years in this industry, I have come to realize certain designers gravitate to the same fonts over and over again. The wisdom font is clearly a favorite of Kelly Purkey who designed both the card and the stamp set.

Aimee Dow Week 2 2014 Detail 3

Have I told you all just how much I love my Pa? Is it any wonder really? I get my car serviced and I find great stuff in the pantry that I would NEVER have at home. I don’t think it’s any secret at all that I am so spoiled. All the grand kids are. You should see the size of the trampoline he bought the twins for Christmas.

Aimee Dow Week 2 2014 Detail 4

Finally, that brings us to my favourite card of all. I’m not sure which one it is. I like both the “let the good times roll” and the “love this” card equally. The only difference is I had to work to make one and the other one came like that. Good old Studio Calico. I’m so glad they now sell digital designs of their cards because I am totally printing it in every colour of the rainbow. The “love this” card is an amalgamation of an Amy Tangerine cut apart, a Studio Calico card, the Aloha stamp set by Creative Bubble and a paperclip I found on my desk. That about wraps it up peeps. Now, with any luck you’ll never have to see my hand writing again. OHHH!!! And if you ever see me on Facebook or Instagram saying I am prepping or packing for scrap camp PLEASE feel free to remind me to take the typewriter!!!

Until next time,

Aimee xx

February 12, 2015

The Exxopolis Luminarium


Exxopolis Tree Of Life Aimee Dow

In the last week of the holidays, Mum and I decided to treat the twins to a last hurrah. To be honest, had the twins decided not to go, I would still have gone anyway. I originally stumbled across Exxopolis late last year on Instagram when the travelling exhibit arrived in Sydney. At the time, I didn’t really understand the concept of a luminarium, but it was later explained to me that “just as an aquarium is designed to hold water, a luminarium is designed to hold light”. Exxopolis is the 20th creation by the UK based Architects of Air and is currently touring Australia. We were lucky enough to catch up with it in Melbourne. The best way I can describe Exxopolis to you is it’s a giant hand-sewn structure inflated from the inside. You enter the structure though an airlock and then something magic happens.

Exxopolis Tree Of Life Aimee Dow


Exxopolis Red Room Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Tunnels and Nooks Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Olivia And I Tunnels _Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Green Roof Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Roofs Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Blue Roof Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Blue Light Aimee Dow



Exxpolis Catherdral Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Emily And Olivia Blue Nook Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Cathedral 2 Aimee Dow

Exxopolis Blue Room Selfie With Olivia Aimee Dow

I imagine it’s different for everyone, but I had the most amazing sense of peace and serenity. I think the twins felt it too, because all they wanted to do was lounge all over the floor and walls (which to my surprise is totally allowed). We walked the six rooms and numerous winding tunnels in amazement. The structure is completely devoid of white light. The larger rooms are often filled with a single colour, but the light becomes mixed in the tunnels and nooks along the way.

I have known for many years that I am a creature that thrives on light. I seek it on dark days and I always feel better when the weather is fine. I’ve since come to understand that I LOVE blue light and could hang out in the blue room until the end of days. On the flip side, the red room made me slightly uncomfortable, just like Mum. Emily and Olivia did not have such sensitivities. They described the whole experience as “Alien” and “Womb” like… awesome mental image, right? They did assure me it was a very positive alien womb experience all the same. I was sad to have to leave too. Time had flown by so fast and we had overshot our allotted time by almost half an hour. I, for the first time in history, took the least photos out of the four of us. To illustrate my point, I had to borrow photos from the twins and Mum to write this post. I did not want to waste a single second of my time in there and at no time did I feel the need to Instagram it. Now that I have returned to the outside world though, things are different. I dream of amazing projects I can create with the images I have, but how do you choose? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Aimee Xx


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