June 24, 2015

Just a little something.


Aimee and Chris are EXPECTING

My Grandfather once told me – “You should never buy a car in December.”. I think he was speaking metaphorically, because at the time buying a car was the furtherest thing on my mind. In fact we were having a discussion about how brutal December was on the wallet. You see many years ago fate decided to play a little trick, when it introduced me to my husband just 2 days before Christmas. Being the romantic type, we were engaged and married on the same date several years later. I did not give it much thought at the time, but in the years that have followed December has been nuts. We celebrate our anniversary on the 23rd, Christmas on the 25th, My Husband’s Birthday on the 30th, New Years Eve on the 31st and then we start the year a new on the 1st of January.

Don’t get me wrong, that week and a half stretch is often my favorite in the whole year, but it takes a hell of a lot of planning to do each event justice. We had not intended to add to December’s chaos, but fate has a mind and sense of humour of it’s own. Our first born child will likely arrive somewhere in the 2 week window that cover the above events. How do I feel? Excited and terrified. Sometimes in equal measure. Sometimes one out ways other. Especially when I think about how bub is going to get “here”.

How is CJ doing? lol, I’d have to say amazingly well. The first 13 weeks have been pretty ruff for me, but he has taken it all in stride and proved himself to be an exceptional husband. He cooks when I can’t even stomach the thought of food. He has started a list of names he likes because he can not stand the thought of an idiotic name (Hashtag anyone?). In fact did you know there is actually a government job in France, dedicated to rejecting stupid names proposed by parents. CJ has decided he would like that job. He loves that I have finally learnt how to sleep past 7am, but not so much that this means he now has to get up and let the chickens out. He was responsible for my first emotional cry when he bought the entire collection of Rockaby’s (Rock songs turned in to lullaby), but laughed his head when I ate ice-cream knowing that I shouldn’t and inevitably had it leave my body of it’s own accord rather quickly.

So far I don’t think it’s what either of us expected, despite the fact that bub was planned. I for one had no idea morning sickness was not in fact restricted to just the morning. I have “enjoyed” it’s company all day long. Also, I currently sleep more than a bear in hibernation. I say this not only as a joke, but because I’m pretty sure the bear has to wake up occasionally to eat. I on the other hand would love to avoid eating where possible. We have both slowed down a lot. Ever since we found out at 5 weeks it’s really been ‘play it by ear’ kind of schedule. I like these kind of days. There is no pressure and we often spend a lot of quality time together.

I miss scrapbooking, but I view the past 6 weeks as a break, not a goodbye. While I was feeling so unwell it was really hard to stand and scrap or devote long hours as I have done in the past. I’m hoping by the second trimester, I’ll feel better. Then when the nesting faze kicks, I hope to catch on all my albums. Lord knows I have enough ideas to sink a ship and I am technically growing a life times worth of scrapbooking inspiration as we speak.

How is bub? I was getting there. Bub is amazing. Due to a few complications we have had a total of 3 scans. Each time our little fighter never ceases to put on a show, be it a super strong heart beat or mooning the sonographer. Bub got near perfect scores on it’s first test and I am pretty sure it wasn’t even trying, but my favourite thing of all, is that scans show long legs like dad. I may live to regret that statement later down the track when they are jammed into the my bladder, but like I said right now we are just living dad to day.

So that’s it. That’s my big news and why I dropped of the face of the earth for 2 months. I am absolutely positive it will all be worth it though. So here to the BIGGEST and BEST December EVER and the to the newest little member of our family.

Aimee Xx


June 19, 2015

And the winners are…



Congratulations Talia and Renee! If you would like to email me at aimeedow@me.com with your full name and address, I’ll make sure your prize back are in the mail to you early next week :)

Aimee Xx

June 17, 2015

Only 6 hours until the Blog Hop Giveaway Ends!


Yay! I love giving away stuff! Would you like to see what our winners will be getting? The first Prize is huge! So huge in fact that it doesn’t fit in this photo:


There is a ton of really fantastic Heidi Swapp, Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy and Project Life Products all care of Spotlight Australia. I am sure it will bring the Australia winner a ton of very happy hours crafting.

The second prize will he headed overseas:


Slightly lighter in weight, but no less pack with fantastic goodies. This pack just screams summer fun and I can not weight to see were it ends up. Can you tell? I really love giveaways!

For all the details on how to enter see Monday’s post and don’t forget to follow the hop for a chance to win Natalie, Kim and Leeann’s amazing prizes. All 4 giveaways end tonight at 8pm Australian EST. The winner for my 2 prize packs will be announced here and on Instagram on Friday morning.

Aimee Xx.

June 15, 2015

The Spotlight Tour Blog Hop & A Big Freaking Giveaway


If you follow me on Instagram, you may just remember way back in March when I traveled across the state to meet Amy Tangerine and Heidi Swapp?

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

The event was put on by Spotlight Australia to help celebrate their national craft month, and I must say to my mind it was an epic success. I had so much fun at these events, I meet new friends and I got to play with products I would not normally even consider buying. I also got to meet scrapbook royalty and I am not just talking about Heidi Swapp and Amy Tangerine.

In the scheme of things I have not been in the scrapbooking world too long. In fact just over two and a half years now, but in my time I have come to know some really amazing Aussies such as Natalie Elphinstone, Kim Jeffress and Leeann Pearce. All three are flat out superstars in my eyes and I was beside myself excited meet them in person. (Also, I’m not going to lie, I REALLY wanted to have a hold of baby Judah :) It was SO good to meet these amazing women in person and as we continued to talk after the event, we decided to hold our own blog hop!

The idea was pretty simple. We would all scrap a photos taken from the event, but to make things a little more fun for our readers we decided to include a giveaway. Not just any giveaway, a giveaway of epic proportions! But to do that you need a pretty awesome sponsor, enter: SPOTLIGHT! First, before we go in to details about that let me show you my page.


Ironically, this might just go down in history as the quickest and most refined page I have ever done. I don’t usually use pattern paper for the background of pages, but this Heidi Swapp paper is my all time favourite. I’ve been hoarding like a kid hoards halloween candy. I felt deep down though, that it was time to let go. I mean if you can’t use it for a page that is ABOUT Heidi Swapp when can you use it?


I used the grid theme that was already going on in the pattern paper to build my page. I cut my title (with the silhouette) and mounted it to gold glitter paper with pop dots to give it some demention. kept the embellishments really simple. I didn’t want to detract from my photos.


All it took was a few gold glitter Heidi Swapp sentiment stickers and I was happy. Well almost. I tried to type a tag with the days highlights but it just didn’t fit. In fact by the time I finished journaling I had 600 words… oops. In times like these I all was attach it to the back of the page, which works out really well because the back is really cute bows!

Alright, alright now for the part you have all been waiting for – The Giveaway.

Spotlight have been kind enough to donate $100 dollars worth of products to each of the four blogs to give away as we see fit. The rules and prizes will vary from each blog to blog so make sure you read each blog post carefully.


This is what I have been given to giveaway. I will be breaking it in two to create a first and second prize. First prize is only open to Australian entrants, Second Prize is open to anyone from anywhere. I will post in-depth photos of both prize packs tomorrow both here on the blog and on Instagram. The giveaway is open until 8pm Wednesday night Australian time!

To enter all you need to do is:

Be or become a follower of mine on Instagram and leave a comment below about anything you have seen or read in todays post. Please be sure to leave your Name, which country you are from (so I know which draws to enter you in) and your Instagram username. That’s it, its really that simple.

Your next hop is:

Kim Jeffress over at Glass Half Full.

Oh and don’t forget stop by and visit:

Leeann Pearce at The Paint Brush goes Spottie.


Natalie Elphinstone at One Scrappy Doctor.

Good Luck Xx

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April 2, 2015

Jot Magazine – April’s Mood Board


Well, March went by in the blink of on eye, didn’t it? I have so much to tell you. I went on a MAD creating binge right before Amy Tangerine arrived down under, then I went away for a week so I could see Amy and Heidi Swapp in Melbourne. Then I arrived home to some very exciting news. Alas that will all have to wait for another day, because today I am hear to show you my Jot Mood Board entry for April. I can not tell you just how hard it has been to sit on this layout for a week. So without further ado: Eggcellent!

Eggcellent by Aimee Dow

First of all I would like to point out that I suck so much at mood boards. It stems from the fact that I use the photo as my pallet rather than working from a collection or theme. What made this attempted 10 times worse was I was being badgered to scrap in a house that was not my own. To be precise, my mum’s scrap room. Lord knows she has absolutely everything I will ever need to scrap (we both freely admit she has 20 times the supplies that I do), but do you think I could find anything? It took me 35 minutes to find that wood grain paper. The whole layout took nearly 6 hours. So now you know why I am so proud.

Eggcellent By Aimee Dow_Detail1

I printed photos to take with me to scrap at mum’s place, but this wasn’t one of them. I had two in mind for the Jot board that I thought would work, but when it the came to the crunch… nothing. I found this photo in the bottom of my scrap bag. It had been left after Scrap Camp in February. I guess the scrap gods were looking out for my sanity.

Eggcellent By Aimee Dow_Detail2

Another big factor in the success of my page was Mum’s local scrap store: Sassy Scrapper. Olga the owner is truly amazing. She let me special order ALL the new Crate Paper lines so I could pick them up the next time I came to visit. It was a giant box of happiness and yet another reason why I will always try to support local suppliers. On a side note, if you haven’t been to the Sassy Scrapper site lately, I highly recommend it. It’s just had an amazing makeover.

Eggcellent By Aimee Dow_Detail3

There is a lot to love about this page. It has glitter and metallic, tons of layers and textures, a witty title although if I had my time again I’d call it “EGGSTATIC”. Alright, clearly I have too much time of my hands. The irony is, I would have far less time if I actually baked something with our over abundance of eggs, rather than just scrapping about it, but there is just something really exciting about the first time you keep chickens and they start to lay. Just take my word for it.

Jot Magazine Moodboard April 2015

Please go check out the other Jot Girl’s entries here. They really are amazing and most of them didn’t ignore the green like me. To be fair though I feel like I should get bonus points for incorporating the eggs and the wood grain, but really who’s keeping score? I don’t get to compete for the amazing prizes like you all do. I just get all the stress of voting for a winner. We just voted on last months entries – OH MY GOD! So hard, but I guess that’s just what you get for offering amazing prizes. If you would like to enter this months challenge you can find all the details here. Give me a nudge if you do. I would love to come check out your take too.

Happy Easter my dear friends,

Aimee xx


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